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is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization established in 2003 to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities in the field of the rural development.

Rural Development Fund

is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization established in 2003 to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities in the field of the rural development.

Rural Development Fund

is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization established in 2003 to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities in the field of the rural development.

Rural Development Fund




International Land Coalition (ILC) Asia Land Forum and Regional Assembly has conducted in Kyrgyzstan

Participation of RDF in ILC's Forum

RDF took part in festival "Shirge Zhyar" in Talas region

LOSL took part in a Global Forum on the Conservation of the Snow Leopard

Participation of members of international network “Land of Snow Leopard ” at the Forum on preserving Snow Leopard in Bishkek

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Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna Pastoral Network

Within almost four years under the framework of several projects, the RDF has been undertaking activity on collection, analysis and dissemination of traditional knowledge, and secrets of ancestors on nomadic lifestyle. During these years, the RDF has collected a lot of methods, recipes, stories and legends from traditional knowledge keepers living in our country, as well as in Turkeyand China. Many various activities have been delivered in which there was an opportunity to meet with such people like us for whom it is not indifferent to whom and how to transfer our knowledge and expertise that have been given by our parents to us. Especially, the fairs on traditional knowledge conducted at a Kok-Oirok jailoo (pasture), Kemin Rayon, and in a place near to Kok-Jangak, Suzak Rayon have been saved in memory. Various and the most urgent directions of traditional knowledge that were of special interest to youth, farmers, herders, teachers of agriculture colleges have been discussed there.


The Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna Network

Is aimed at preservation of the things that we still can manage to preserve national wisdom treasury taken from our fathers to help nowadays herders to make their lives in severe conditions of mountains more safe and pleasing similar to the lifestyle of our ancestors by learning a harmony of coexistence with nature.


History of Network Creation

An idea of creation a pastoralist network came up in the course of summer fair-exhibition delivery. The traditional knowledge projects participants supported the RDF idea on creation of this Network that could have been able to integrate all those individuals and institutions that are interested and care about preservation and transfer of traditional knowledge. Within the Network framework it is possible to integrate, summarize, and collect all accumulated knowledge, and information of various methods of farm animal grazing, treatment with the use of available natural remedies, rules and recipes on application of medicinal herbs, secrets of upbringing fast horses and amblers, yak breeding under high-mountain conditions, use of camels in everyday life and during roaming from place to place, customs and traditions of nomadic lifestyle, educational games for the youth.


A first unofficial meeting of 10 people has been conducted after the training for trainers-pastoralists that was organized by the RDF at the Ak-Tash Recreation Center. Main directions of the Network activity, and ways for collection and transfer of information have been discussed there. Also, it was agreed to use the RDF as an implementing agency for the Network as the RDF has a database of pastoralists. Members of unofficial Network have been sharing recipes, recommending people who are familiar with that or the other method to each other, and making plans for joint work at Chui Oblast level. After that, they had an opportunity to meet with the Network initiators once again while delivering a Pastoral Schools, Jaiyt Mektebi, event at four pastures. The topics covered were on upbringing fast horses and amblers, yak breeding in high-mountain conditions, rational pasture use based on the ancestors’ technology, nomadic cuisine, natural dyeing, yurt installing and preservation, yurt decoration, animal treatment, customs and traditions of nomadic lifestyle, and on medicinal herbs.


Network Goals and Objectives

Provision of support to various organizations operating in the area of livestock breeding and pasture improvement, regeneration of cultural heritage by means of exchange and provision of information within a framework of Network coverage,

- Collection and summarization of accumulated experience on the use of traditional knowledge by Network participants with the help of RDF and other institutions,

- Advisory service to teachers and trainers, who are using traditional knowledge for educational purpose,

- Arrangement of field demo master-classes (on customs, needlework, cuisine),

- Opening up a web-page on the RDF official web-site, and its update as per events delivery,

- Login to other networks on traditional knowledge through the RDF and other institutions,

- Opening new seasons of ethnic tourism with demonstration of customs and rituals of Kyrgyz nomadic activity on the base of initiative group,

- Promotion of traditional knowledge in Mass Media,

- Raising issues on preservation of traditional knowledge at a state level; protection of rights on traditional knowledge.


Network's members:

The Leader:

Djanyshbaeva Altyn, Onor Bulak NGO


Group of originators:

Zulaika Ryskeldieva - artist, designer, Tashtar Keremeti museum, Ton rayon, Issyk-Kul oblast

Jyldyz Monoldorova - bubu, medium, leader of Cheksiz Kut mutual aid group, Kemin, Chui oblast

Janar Algozhoeva - gatherer of medical herbs, Novo-Pokrovka, Chui oblast

Jyrgal Abdrakhmanova - leader of the Elderly People Federation group, Kaiyndy, Kemin rayon, Chui oblast

Roza Nusupova - the researcher of methods and rituals on reconciliation and concord between people. Djalal-Abad

Myrzabek Abdyldabekov - farmer, cattle-breeder, Chaek, jumgal rayon, Naryn oblast

Bukon Aidarova - methodologist of Talas agro-economic college, Talas

Kambaraaly Umarov - farmer of yaks, Kyzyl-Eshme, Chon-Alai, Osh oblast

Abyshka Ashyrbekov - instructor of Talas agro-economic college, Talas

Chubak Jailoobekov - jockey, pacers trainer of Aikol agricultural cooperative, Ton rayon, Issyk-Kul oblast

Batma Ynkarbekova - experienced cattle-breeder, needlewoman, Shabdan, Kemin rayon, Chui oblast

Navat Aidaralieva - expert of kyrgyz traditional cuisine, Shabden, Kemin rayon, Chui oblast

Rakhmatulla Kozukeev - akyn-improvisator, Djalal-Abad

Abdukaim Ashyrbekov - akyn-improvisator, Djalal-Abad


If you need additional information, please contact us by e-mail: general@rdf.in.kg or directly members of Pastoral Network:

Ch. Abysheva 11, Shabden village, 722230, Kemin rayon, Chui oblast, Kyrgyz Republic.

Phone: +996 3135 58 180

Cell: +996 556 611 545

E-mail: onorbulagy.shabdan2011@gmail.com

Leader of Pastoral Network: Altyn Djanyshbaeva

Rural Development Fund

Geologicheskiy str., Office 1

Bishkek, 720005, Kyrgyz Republic

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